Augmented Family

Some text on 2016 life updates and 2016…

Jenny and I have been overjoyed and extremely fortunate to spend half of 2016 with our very own escapist empathy machine.

The new layer of reality that Scarlett (Born in June) has brought into our lives has been helpful through the start of some very worrying times. Hope is always close when you see the world in the innocent eyes of a child.

There are fears nonetheless. We feel keenly the duty to ensure that Scarlett a) has a world to grow up in and b) has a world that is well fit to be enjoyed by the people in it. We’re very well aware that our concerns need to look far beyond our own family also: I like the term “participatory global society” as a 3 word summary of my 2 cents.

Working at BlippAR in SF since April has been a different but complementary layer of my life.

We’re building a visual browser which augments your reality in glorious interactive 3D.

Honestly, the experience has been truly inspiring and it’s the largest and most global company I have worked for in a fulltime role. Those who know me know I have a thing for building mashed-up weird “boundary” media experiences that blur function and form. I don’t know if I can call the zone a “medium,” but if it was one it would be mine. At any rate, I have never felt so at home or so empowered to explore the boundaries of the zone as I have here.

If this sounds cool to you then ask me about it; we’re aggressively hiring senior (and occasionally junior) talent

I suppose 2016 had too many layers. Far too many for one post anyway. There’s a lot that needs to be done in 2017. Next year I’ll write more and do more. Emphasis, as ever, on the latter.