Alighting here

With a flash of light and a twinge of sadness, I’m moving on from Symmetry Labs this month. This decision was reached mutually and amicably with the remaining founders and was largely based around our differing needs as individuals in the next few years.

For those who have have not been watching the shiny things of my feed: Symmetry Labs is a design and technology company ushering in the next generation of amazing and beautiful lighting technologies.

Fortunately Symmetry is in a dramatically stronger position than ever before, having just completed a major interactive install at Super Bowl City and with much more in the pipeline.

Notable other successes for my time at Symmetry included:

I’ve got some ideas about what’s next but am taking a little time to explore the possibilities. If you’d like to chat please hit me up at

Above all, I am thankful for getting to work with my close friends on a startup. This had been one of my dreams since long before moving to San Francisco. I wish you guys the very best in the exciting climb ahead!

"Light tomorrow with today!"
-Elizabeth Barrett Browning