What would we do in 2099?

Finally in the year 2099 humans create the ultimate transcendent intelligence…

…It  beats all of our champions at chess and at ‘Go’ as well as all other games. Furthermore, it finds elegant solutions to  most  mathematical problems and can prove its solutions to us where we have the patience. It answers accurately on all trivia, converses coherently and better than any human on politics and moral philosophy and can describe elegant frameworks which help us resolve current moral dilemmas. We devise as many tests as we can construct to prove that it transcends us, logically, morally and against all known benchmarks. It can create art and humour for both us and itself and shows empathy when expected.

No counter examples are found to its transcendence of us.

We then ask it…”what next?”

and it says “You humans need to die now”. Would we do it, and if not, would we do it for God?