A wonderful and kind new friend of mine, who is a dual British/Iranian citizen, had decided to fly to the U.S.A. from London so she could be with her S.O. The trip was supposed to be a month away, but they had decided that under the circumstances they wanted to act quickly.

She was so worried going through U.S.A immigration that the border guard held her hand and said not to worry so she could stop shaking enough for her fingerprint to be taken.

Her kind and generous boyfriend remained restless all day while the extremely kind immigration lawyer I had introduced to him in the morning gave fantastic advice at each stage of the trip. The advice mainly consisted of basic principles and specific people who could help and their details. I’ll post the general advice shortly.

Fortunately, and unlike several others, she was allowed entry without abnormal hinderance.

Meanwhile, several other friends disrupted their Sundays to be journalists and protestors at airports around the country.

This also comes a week after my colleague decided to postpone his trip back to India indefinitely until he could even guess what would happen if he left and wanted to come back a few weeks later.

The precedent that this weekend has set is appaling to all those who live and travel in the free world. The rules changing suddenly has a pernicious chilling effect on our ideas about where and how we live.

Please Consider

  1. These are tales from the very mild end of the massive costs in precedent and otherwise that have already been paid for Trump.
  2. None of us are alone and together we can navigate this. If you need help reach out. I was able to help someone today and hope more of us will help more of us as we get through this.
  3. The current conditions cannot continue

Some High-Level Advice

  1. Please do not allow the noise and incoherence to poison your thinking. Keep to your own terms, keep to your own established methodology for acquiring and communicating knowledge and opinion.
  2. Take a step back from the firehose of incoherence which is being directed at you as a weapon.
  3. This likely means double sourcing facts from sources and people you have deeply trusted for a long time.
  4. This means keeping records like journals of what has happened. This has many effects, but avoiding shifting baselines is an important one.
  5. Communicate mainly with those who do the same and encourage them to also apply these principles.

Much love to you all and also much luck. I’m available to help.